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You Smell Like A Dog, Claims Neuroscientist

It’s a well accepted fact that certain animals, like dogs and rodents, have an excellent sense of smell. Humans, not so much. But according to one neuroscientist, our sense of smell is much much better than we think. We may all smell like dogs, or even rats…

Do Emojis Reveal How Horny You Feel?

Do you use emojis a lot? Be careful, they may reveal more about you than you think 😮 ☺️. Prepare to see everyone you know in a totally new light… I’m Horny 😏 , Horny 😏 , Horny 😏 , Horny 😏 Research by the online dating company

Want Better Beer? Just Add Music

Can a beer be brewed to complement music? Is that taking the art of craft beers too far? New research opens up new marketing opportunities. Combining Beer And Music A study published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that brewers should collaborate with musicians to create new tasting

Harry Potter And The Donald J Trump

Do Harry Potter fans think that the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald J Trump, resembles Voldemort? A new study thinks they do. Either way, fans of the books are unlikely to vote for Mr. Trump, whatever their party affiliations. Harry Potter Vs Donald Trump Many things can affect

Dawn Of The Clinically Dead?

When do we die? Medical science has pushed back the barriers to survival again and again. There are many people alive today that survived strokes, heart attacks and other once-fatal conditions. But sometimes, there is no avoiding the grim reaper. Right? A biotech company is about to