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Why You Should Not Drive Your Kids To School

It’s that time of year again! The traffic levels always rise when kids go back to school. Considering the amount of traffic on our roads, it’s understandable that parents want to drive their kids to school. It’s quicker and easier. Plus, it’s safer than cycling and walking,

Why Dads Matter, According To Science

How much do dads matter in children’s development? It was once thought that fathers only had a slight impact on their kids. Mothers were thought to have the major role. However, this view is beginning to change. “There’s this whole idea that grew out of past research

Is Princess Culture Harming Little Girls?

I know about the pervasiveness of Princess Culture. My daughter loves nothing more than dressing up in sparkly pink princess dresses. She loves stories about princesses. She loves movies about princesses. Above all, she loves Disney princesses. The Problem With Princess Culture New research suggest that this