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Season One – 2018


Episode One – Why You Lose Hope Half-Way Through Your Resolution

Have you ever felt full of enthusiasm at the start of a goal only to give up when hings get tough? It’s not just you, it’s how we tackling goals. Learn the difference between Promotion and Prevention Motivation. And how to hack them to keep your New Year’s Resolution on track!

Episode Two – Is Neanderthal Nookie Affecting your Mental Health?

Depression, mood disorders, social anxiety, a lack of imagination and promiscuity. You may be more prone to these conditions because your ancestors had sex with Neanderthals. And that’s just the start!

Episode Three – Is Memory A Viral Infection? (This is mind-blowing!)

What is memory? What is plasticity? Where are our memories stored? And what does an ancient viral infection have to do with anything? All of your questions answered.

This episode is still in production – please check back soon!