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Does Deciding Make You Fat? Or Cheat?

Share11 Pin9 Tweet Stumble67 +121 ShareTotal Shares 108An Australian study recently discovered that the type of decisions you make at work can affect the size of your waistline. It’s been known for a long time that  added responsibilities at work can increase stress. And, in turn, chronically

Want a Super Power? Try Reading!

Share33 Pin35 Tweet4 Stumble81 +18 Share9Total Shares 170Reading literary fiction helps make you a better human, and it gives you mind-reading powers too! Cool. According to a study by professor of psychology Emanuele Castano and his PhD candidate David Comer Kidd, reading can improve people’s ability to understand

Award Winning Blog!

Share18 Pin4 Tweet Stumble +11 ShareTotal Shares 23I may have put up a picture of an owl but Brain Sponge Blog has more closely resembled a duck in the last couple of weeks. Seemingly quiet on the surface but working frantically underneath! You may have noticed a

The Less You Know The More Answers You Have!

Share27 Pin17 Tweet Stumble48 +13 ShareTotal Shares 95In 1999, Justin Kruger and David Dunning identified a flaw in the human brain. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias whereby poor performers tend to overestimate their competence in any given field. Sounds quite safe and bland doesn’t it?

Close Your Eyes, Lose A Toe?

Share15 Pin3 Tweet2 Stumble42 +11 ShareTotal Shares 63 You would think that us humans would be pretty good at identifying parts of our body, right? Yet new research has found that most of us cannot correctly identify some parts of our bodies. Bizarrely, about half of us

The Scary Reason That Play Time Is Essential

Share9 Pin4 Tweet Stumble97 +14 ShareTotal Shares 114 Please be advised that the following article mentions a case of gun violence. Today’s Thought for Thursday deals with the important business of play. We know that it helps children learn. We know that it’s good for parents to

The Aging Brain – Thought for Thursday

Share12 Pin102 Tweet Stumble1 +17 ShareTotal Shares 122 As we age we are doomed to reduced mental capacities. We forget things, our thought processes slow down, we edge closer and closer to an inevitable near-vegetative state. Right? Nope. While some slowing down of thought processing is common