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Dawn Of The Clinically Dead?

Share18 Pin1 Tweet15 Stumble56 Reddit Flip ShareShares 90 When do we die? Medical science has pushed back the barriers to survival again and again. There are many people alive today that survived strokes, heart attacks and other once-fatal conditions. But sometimes, there is no avoiding the grim

Is Princess Culture Harming Little Girls?

Share25 Pin4 Tweet23 Stumble78 Reddit Flip Share3Shares 133 I know about the pervasiveness of Princess Culture. My daughter loves nothing more than dressing up in sparkly pink princess dresses. She loves stories about princesses. She loves movies about princesses. Above all, she loves Disney princesses. The Problem

Do Smartphones Cause Cancer? Probably not.

Share10 Pin2 Tweet30 Stumble63 Reddit Flip ShareShares 105 Do smartphones cause cancer? Whether you call them mobile phones or cell phones, the portable hand-held phone has revolutionized communication. Smartphones go way beyond that with added functionality. The humble phone has become a must have tool for work,

Why It’s Smart To Get Dirty

Share29 Pin11 Tweet100 Stumble16 Reddit Flip Share3Shares 159 Let’s get dirty. I promise you’ll feel better afterwards, or at least science does! Your Dirty Mind You may remember that taking a nature bath can boost your health and promote feelings of well-being. It turns out that getting