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Holding Yourself Back? How To Stop Procrastinating. Now!

Everyone procrastinates occasionally. However, between 20 – 25% of people are known as chronic procrastinators. They put off everything, in every area of their lives, which is sounding depressingly familiar to me. But why do we procrastinate? And what can we do to stop procrastination for good?

Does Deciding Make You Fat? Or Cheat?

An Australian study recently discovered that the type of decisions you make at work can affect the size of your waistline. It’s been known for a long time that  added responsibilities at work can increase stress. And, in turn, chronically increased stress levels can lead to obesity.

Want a Super Power? Try Reading!

Reading literary fiction helps make you a better human, and it gives you mind-reading powers too! Cool. According to a study by professor of psychology Emanuele Castano and his PhD candidate David Comer Kidd, reading can improve people’s ability to understand the mental states of others. This ability