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The Human Brain For The Lazy

Share24 Pin6 Tweet15 Stumble52 +15 ShareTotal Shares 102 Do you wish that you knew more about your brain? Do you balk at the word neuroscience? Are you like the many of us that suffer from poor attention spans? Are you tired of these questions yet? Let’s be

How To Grow Your Brain With These Herbs

Share12 Pin23 Tweet1 Stumble67 +118 Share1Total Shares 122 Flavonoids are naturally occurring substances found in plants that have been shown to be beneficial to human health and brain function. They help us learn, remember and think more efficiently. And the news has just got better. Neuroscientists in

Close Your Eyes, Lose A Toe?

Share15 Pin3 Tweet2 Stumble42 +11 ShareTotal Shares 63 You would think that us humans would be pretty good at identifying parts of our body, right? Yet new research has found that most of us cannot correctly identify some parts of our bodies. Bizarrely, about half of us