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Why You Should Not Drive Your Kids To School

It’s that time of year again! The traffic levels always rise when kids go back to school. Considering the amount of traffic on our roads, it’s understandable that parents want to drive their kids to school. It’s quicker and easier. Plus, it’s safer than cycling and walking,

Is Facebook The Secret To Long Life?

Good news for social media fans! According to new research, Facebook users tend to live longer. As long as they use it right. Use Facebook For Much Longer Researchers from University of California San Diego, Yale and Facebook studied 12 million people, which is a pretty good

Read Books To Live Longer?

  Good news for those of us who love to read. As well as developing complex social skills, regular readers can now expect to live longer! However, not all reading material adds years to your life… Those Who Live To Read, Live Longer Researchers at Yale University

Dawn Of The Clinically Dead?

When do we die? Medical science has pushed back the barriers to survival again and again. There are many people alive today that survived strokes, heart attacks and other once-fatal conditions. But sometimes, there is no avoiding the grim reaper. Right? A biotech company is about to

Do Smartphones Cause Cancer? Probably not.

Do smartphones cause cancer? Whether you call them mobile phones or cell phones, the portable hand-held phone has revolutionized communication. Smartphones go way beyond that with added functionality. The humble phone has become a must have tool for work, entertainment, productivity, fitness, you name it! But are