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Does Science Know What Causes Deja Vu?

Share24 Pin7 Tweet83 Stumble77 Reddit Flip Share4Shares 195 Have you felt that you’ve already experienced something, even though you know you’re experiencing it for the first time? It’s unsettling and creepy, and around two-thirds of us have had déjà vu at some time. What is going on?

Can Singing Boost Your Immune System?

Share44 Pin16 Tweet86 Stumble14 Reddit Flip Share1Shares 161 A study on people affected by cancer may have found something remarkable. Researchers discovered that just one hour of singing in a choir increases protective proteins in the immune system. This is in addition to reducing stress and improving

The Human Brain For The Lazy

Share24 Pin12 Tweet33 Stumble52 Reddit Flip ShareShares 121 Do you wish that you knew more about your brain? Do you balk at the word neuroscience? Are you like the many of us that suffer from poor attention spans? Are you tired of these questions yet? Let’s be