The Human Brain For The Lazy

Learn about the brain - the lazy way

Do you wish that you knew more about your brain? Do you balk at the word neuroscience? Are you like the many of us that suffer from poor attention spans? Are you tired of these questions yet?

Let’s be honest, there are many many things that we’d like to know but don’t have the time to invest in doing courses. So the question is “How Do We Cheat?”

I’m pretty certain that this is the reason that Infographics were invented! A good infographic serves us all the gorgeous graphics and just enough text to allow us to fool ourselves that we have a grounding in any subject.

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I like to think that I know a little about the human brain, but I’m not very good at making pretty pictures. So thanks to the hard work of the good people at , here is a nice brain infographic about that thing that’s running your body. (Infographic provided by Visually.)

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It won’t make you a brain surgeon, but it does give a quick insight into the wonderful organ that makes you you. You’ll learn about the structure, some important areas and some interesting conditions that people experience. One thing it doesn’t mention is the consistency of the brain. Soft and squishy. That always grosses me out.


10 Brain Facts

by J.L.

From Visually.

You can find many more infographics on the Brain Sponge Blog Pinterest page , why not check it out?

What’s your favourite infographic? Let me know below!

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