Thought For Thursday – Laugh in Class!

Enjoyment is the key to education

So. I love learning, but I’ve had to trudge through some turgid text in my time. Writing so dry that it seems to have triggered some sort of alliterational reaction! Sometimes, it seems the more serious the topic is, the more boring the reading material.

But does it need to be so? There is a lot of evidence that suggests that humour relevant to a topic leads to better understanding and retention. It seems that having a bit of fun induces our brains to reward us with a shot of dopamine. This is good because it feels good. Oh, and because dopamine is linked to motivation and long-term memory.

So, laughing in class or LOL’ing while reading a textbook means you are more likely to remember the subject. Of course, making funny educational material is easier than it sounds. While making maths hilarious is indeed possible, most educators are not stand-up comedians.

Maybe clown class should be a requirement in teacher training? What do you think? Did you have a funny teacher? Tell me all in the comments below!


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